Hello, viewers.

This is my new blog, at least on WordPress anyway.  I love the idea of blogging and I feel like i need another hobby on top of reading, writing, watching TV/Movies, and listening to music.  I’m a big fan of social media, and I want to be more connected.  I also want to be more heard or seen I guess, so this works for me.

The things that I woul be posting on here are things like photos, maybe videos, depending on how i feel in front of a camera, music, polls, links, books, fashion sets from Polyvore, my thoughts etc.

Basically this blog will be an extension of my mind, you’ve been warned.  I’m pretty crazy and weird, not really I’m just Tyla.  But I do think of some pretty abnormal stuff, my mind and thoughts wander a lot.

But anyway, I like to make people smile, I am very honest (sometimes brutally), I tell people straight forward, I never intend to hurt any feelings but sometimes that happens.  Can’t help that.  My intentions are to get my thoughts out, make people smile, laugh, and enjoy viewing the blog.

With Lots of Love,